Monday, May 9, 2016


Lukas T.A Peterman
Mrs. Troster 

T.A Peterman was a truck driver for a logging company in the west coast. T.A stands for Theodor Alfred Peterman. T.A peterman invited the Peterbilt semi. He made it in 1939. These semis are the best trucks on the road today.
How T.A got his idea for the trucks he was going to build.he was a truck driver. They needed a new way of transporting logs down the highway instead of floating them down the river because this took a lot of time and that would loose logs worth a lot of money. So T.A improved their trucks to take a lot more weight and abuse so they now they could transport logs down the highway a lot faster and easer.  
In 1914 During the war their was a big need for supplies. The railroads were overloaded so there was a need for high comity trucks. The trucks needed to be tough, and be able to get the supplies to the troops. That means they would have to be able to go over a rough terrane.
After world war 1 there was A lot better high ways. That means that semis were a lot more semis on the road. Thats when they started putting in diesel motors in trucks. the first diesel motor in trucks was the Cummins motor. The reason for have a diesel  is that they can pull harder and last longer than a gas during motor.
In 1930’s There was still a continued growth for trucks. Though It was hard for the bigger companies because that was right during the depression. A lot of company fell into bankruptcy and went out of business. One of these was Fageol Motors Company of Oakland California. this company had produced the top of the line trucks for 17 years. they also produced cars and buses. They had to sell out in 1939.
Fageol sold Out to T.A . Peterman. Before T.A bought Fageol he was Rebuilding surplus army trucks and modifying Logging rigs to make them better for his business, because he was a logger and truck driver. In 19 39 the logging business had grown bigger than his own company, so then he wasn't able to make enough money. Thats when he decided to buy Fageol Motor co. So he could start another business building customer chain drive logging rigs. 
  T.A wanted to make 100 trucks a year. His Idea was quality over quantity. Peterman sent out his engineer to other truck driver to find out what they wanted before he went to the drawing board. This is the main reason that his truck are so good. Peterman first trucks looked just like the Fagoel models. He had two models when he first started producing trucks they were the 282 and the 352.  

On November 16, 1944 T.A peterman died of cancer. He was not very old when he died. He was only 51 years old. He died in Tacoma, Washington. If He had not invented his trucks the trucking industry would be a lot different than it is today. T.A rely influenced the 20th century.