Wednesday, January 20, 2016

descriptive writing

Descriptive writing 

                      Go kart track

Last summer me and my brother logan got some go karts for free. We got them from my uncle Pat Dougherty. First there was an auction  with a homemade go kart that we wanted to buy, but we couldn't because we wear in hastings for my sisters state softball. Then my dad called my uncle to ask him he would bid on the go kart for us and he said “ well why don’t you just my old ones”. That is  how we got the go karts.
When we got the go karts home we had to get them running. After that we wear racing through the yard ,and my dad did not like that very much because we wear tearing up the grass. Then we decided to build a track for the karts. It is around the meadow. My dad did not rely like it their ether, but he said it was better than the yard so it stayed.
The track has a fence completely around it. Also the track is made of of dirt. We got that way by mowing a path and driving around it hundreds of times to tear up the grass. It is still pretty rough to drive on. Also because the karts have no suspension. Their is also a ramp in the middle of the track.
We race a lot on the track. The race is usually three laps long. That is about a half mile race.  The top speed of the go karts is about 45 to 50 MPH.In the races we do not go off the ramps. 

Logan and I have rect the cart in to fences a lot from passing on the out side of the track. Also we have rolled them going around the corners to fast. The track is rely fun to drive on and race on. I think are go karts are the best.