Friday, February 20, 2015


When I was eight years old I decided that agriculture was what I wanted to do in  the future. I still have that dream. working on the farm is something that I like to do. However, I know  that it takes hard work and knowledge.

Someday I would  like to go to collage for agriculture. I want to do this so I can raise cattle and hogs. So if they get hurt I can help it and not the vet. Also I want to get a CDL. Then I can haul feed and corn for my animals.

In college I will learn specific skills to help me manage a farm. I hope to learn how to take good care of animals. Then I can give them shots and take care of them when the are sick.

When I am grown up I want my parents to look at me and think I am successful as a rancher. I think collage will help me accomplish this goal.

By Lukas