Friday, December 12, 2014

list poem

O'Neill is a small town
full of nice people
the biggest shamrock in the world
O'Neill high school stands proud
business line the streets
about 3000 people in O'Neill
you ca play sports in O'Neill
O'Neill is the Irish capital in Nebraska

Persona Poem

I have legs that hold so much pressure especially there is a 300 pond man in my lap
I would like to have a weight limit but there is none sometimes I think my lad will break
sometimes I have to conquer the horrid smell when someone lets one rip

Thursday, December 11, 2014

in Nebraska their are cows
you can drive any were and see hundreds to thousands of them
they smell like poop and are big and fat
you can show them in fairs
you can have milk or beef cow
but in the very end you can put them in a freezer

Monday, December 8, 2014

A moring to remember i am pained to tell
It was warm sunny day
smells dusty and dirty
green grass and trees full of leaves
rustling leaves
dry like a you need glass of water

Lukas means cool and kind it is the number five honesty was tought to me by my mom and dad they put soup in my mouth
In two weeks is X-mas break
I can not wait
i don't know who could
that is my poem
the drunk is cool but she smells
my family they are nice
my dog he is playful
home I have a roof over my head
food so i don't starve

Monday, December 1, 2014

 Today in english we stated off with are poetry folder. We wrote 5 sentence about see, smell, taste sound, and feeling. Then  each table  got a paper bag. Each bag had something different in it. Then what ever was in the bag you described it on a pies of paper. After you were done with that we had to wright a poem about a season in the year. file