Friday, November 14, 2014


By: Lukas Dougherty                      FREEDOM
Freedom is not free.There are many soldiers  fighting to make it free for us. Freedom represents the right to bear Arms, monuments and 4th of July.
I'll now tell you about right to bear arms. It is the second amendment. It means you can own guns. Also it means you can go hunting or shoot your gun when you want to.
Now I will tell you about the monuments. You can see them in Washington D.C. The monuments show you all the soldiers. If you knew somebody in the war you might be able to find them in the monuments. 
Also I am going to tell you about 4TH of July. It is also known as Independents Day. You shoot fire works into the air. It all happens at night. On 4th of July a lot of people have fun and a really good time.
Freedom is so much more than a word. It is the right to celebrate for your country and many more things. Don't ever forget to thank soldiers for their work they have done for your country. If you say thank you it will mean very much to them.